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The Hoosier GCSA is dedicated to providing quality member programs and services to promote the Golf Course Management profession.


In March, 1958 a meeting was held at Carl Winniger's at Fort Wayne Elks. Present were Al Caldwell (Marion, Shady Hills), Harry Lamboley (Foster Park), Louie Gibford (Greenhurst, Auburn), Gorman Ludwig (Jacobsen Dealer - Fort Wayne), Carl Winniger (Fort Wayne Elks) and Dick Chilcote (Orchard Ridge Country Club - Fort Wayne). READ MORE

Hoosier GCSA Christmas Party

Hoosier GCSA Christmas Party

December 9th

December 9th

Hoosier GCSA Christmas Party

Location - Lakeside Bowling Center
Host - Scott Lochner
Date - December 9th
Time - 11:00 - 3:00
Lunch @ 11:30

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